Driving up to the cottage, I was surrounded by trees and open fields, including some farmland. It felt so peaceful and seemed to have the ability to calm any stressors I might’ve been feeling before. When I finally came upon the Cottage, I couldn’t help but think about how cute and inviting it was. As […]

Bridal Cottage, Wedding Venues in Washington State

May 14, 2024

LaBelle Bridal Cottage

Gold Mountain Golf Club is a sight to behold, nestled amidst a verdant forest. It’s not just a wedding venue; it’s a haven where nature intertwines with romance to create unforgettable moments. From the moment I arrived at Gold Mountain Golf Club, it felt like stepping into an entirely different world. The first thing I […]

Wedding Venues in Kitsap County, Wedding Venues in Washington State

May 3, 2024

Weddings at Gold Mountain Golf Club