LaBelle Bridal Cottage

May 14, 2024

Driving up to the cottage, I was surrounded by trees and open fields, including some farmland. It felt so peaceful and seemed to have the ability to calm any stressors I might’ve been feeling before. When I finally came upon the Cottage, I couldn’t help but think about how cute and inviting it was.

As I was welcomed in by Lisa, the very first thing I noticed was the grand piano. She explained to me that it was one of the options for a setting to elope in front of. Immediately, I could picture it – flowers on the piano, chairs full of the couple’s most favorite people, the bride and groom standing together with the biggest smiles on their faces. The perfect vintage elopement.

As Lisa continued the tour, it was clear that wasn’t the only special thing about the cottage. Before, it had been a house owned by her mother for 14 years. When she passed away, Lisa and her husband decided to use it by welcoming couples in to celebrate. Now, it was a place to elope, to get ready in, or even as a place to propose. She told me how all the items were things her mother had collected and owned, which led us to the bridal suite. In the room was the most lovely couch, one you’d find in your dream vintage photoshoot. Not only that, but it was placed next to a window that let in the perfect amount of natural lighting.

The hair and makeup room featured a large mirror and two salon-style chairs, and the Bride’s room featured a Victorian vanity and settee. The kitchen was lovely as well, and it continued the vintage vibes with the decorations laid out in it. Walking through the cottage felt like when Anastasia was dancing in her castle – like I was literally transported through time and memories. 

Lisa then took me outside. The left side of the house is full of flowers in the spring, one of which includes the “Daylily”. In the back is a gorgeous white wooden arbor – the perfect place to have an outdoor elopement under, vows exchanged surrounded by grass and a field of hay. I also got to momentarily meet some of her animals, which included goats and a goose, even a Guinea Hog – which she told me was on the endangered list.

LaBelle Bridal’s cottage offers a unique charm of vintage and Victorian, and it’s only 4 miles away from Birch Bay State Park. The coolest part though, is that she has a Classic 1955 Ford Fairlane photo car available as part of the “Enhanced Elopement” package. I definitely recommend this cottage if you’re looking for a cozy elopement or comfortable place to get ready for your big day.

If you’d like to know more about LaBelle Bridal Cottage and book there, you can email Lisa at

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Otherwise, please enjoy these photos I took of LaBella Bridal Cottage


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